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Bad debt losses caused by defaulting borrowers pose significant difficulties for many companies in Europe. Losses bring about falling margins and have to be included in internal calculations. At the same time, the compulsory enforcement of debt claims is an important pillar of any legal system. Not only does it ensure their compulsory enforcement but it also guarantees that they are paid “voluntarily”. The interdependency of the economy within the European Union (EU) requires transnational, effective execution here. Measures introduced by European law are intended to provide a remedy by making it easier to enforce debt claims in European economic transactions through a process of integrating and harmonising the various legal systems.

For companies, however, cross-border activities abroad aimed at the production of material have always involved a great deal of effort. Companies want to concentrate on their core business and tend to do without enforcing debt claims abroad in any consequential way. In the case of more “minor” debt claims in particular, many creditors do without their money in order to avoid throwing “good money” after the time-consuming process of prosecuting their interests abroad. These fears are fed by a lack of knowledge of the language and law of the country in question, combined with misgivings about having to wait months for a winning judgment over outstanding debts. Lastly there remains the uncertain outcome of any subsequent execution.

The European Commission considers it one of the EU’s “greatest tasks” to ensure that neither companies nor consumers in the European legal area be prevented from asserting their rights because of the incompatibility or complexity of the different legal systems of member states. To this effect, a range of instruments has been set in place in recent years in the form of legislative measures – with the European Enforcement Order Regulation, the Regulation on Payment Orders with a standardised European order for payment procedure, and the Regulation on Small Claims Procedure – in order to reduce the cost of prosecution and therefore the outlay to be advanced by the creditor, and to shorten the duration of proceedings.

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